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Video games exploratory paper

As an example mcgonigal states players of guitar

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and accomplishment. As an example, McGonigal states “players of ‘Guitar Heroes’ are more likely to pick up a real guitar and learn how to play it.”(465) Trust also becomes a major factor, as McGonigal explains we become more interactive and sociable as we game with others. Also because video games today are so complex, filled with exciting plots and characters that often time gamers are influenced to serve a greater cause and to act out of selflessness. Furthermore McGonigal included several researches demonstrating the superior intellect gamers shows when presented in certain situations. One of this research included a game titled EVOKE , created by Jane McGonigal herself, which yield phenomenal results in gamers intelligence as players are creating huge complex and intricate enterprises and companies that replicate those in reality.
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I found McGonigal’s article to be very interesting and persuasive. As a gamer, I find myself experiencing a lot of the points she was making. Also McGonigal included several examples and statistics I found to be very affective in reinforcing her argument. I really like when McGonigal argued that gaming gives us a sense of accomplishment and challenge that reality lacks. This particular point is difficult to argue against because video games are known as a negative influence and a distraction to the mind. However McGonigal rebutted by disregarding it as a myth and reveal the positive psychological affects video game have on gamers, providing ample amount of evidence. McGonigal made very powerful points, regardless I am not fully drawn in by her argument because her evidence is one-sided. McGonigal often provide examples that supported her side of the argument but fails to disapprove the opposing viewpoint. For example, although she provided facts about video games boosting one’s learning and thinking ability she never included an argument that stated video games doesn’t rot the mind or distract one from doing work. By disregarding the opposing view I believe she made her argument less persuasive, still leaving me up for doubts and questioning her argument. After reading McGonigal’s article I set out to search for an opposing view to the points McGonigal was making, and found myself on CBSNews . While on the website I found an article titled “Can Video Game Lead to Murder?” where author Rebecca Leung details the horrific incident that involves the death of 3 men, two of whom were police officers. The incident happened when 18 year-old Devin Moore was brought in after being suspected of stealing a car, where Moore snapped and took a hold of one of the officer’s gun. Leung reveals that after extensively playing Grand Theft Auto, 18-year old Devin Moore gunned down both officers including one other who worked in the station. Leung explains that Grand Theft Auto is a game where player takes control of a criminal who makes his living through illegal activities. Players
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