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Samantha has no healthcare insurance and is a young

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have to go through many months of physical therapy. Samantha has no healthcare insurance and is a young single mother to a 2 year old son. The store says that they were not aware of the spill of the shampoo. The store said that an employee checks the aisles for anything on the floors at the top of the hour. The day Samantha fell, the employee in charge of the aisle inspection was an older gentleman with glasses. The shampoo on the floor was a clear gel. She fell about 1:30 p.m. The store log says an inspection was last done at 12:45 p.m. The accident happened in a store in Indiana. Please provide the following information: How would you construct a search query for this problem? I started by using Westlaw with the following search terms; "accident", "personal injury", "negligence" What type of search would you do: terms and connectors, natural language or easy search? Why?
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Practice Online Research I used the Advanced search option and searched for cases of similar content, slip and fall, employee negligence. I used terms with and without quotation marks until I found cases pertaining to the case at hand. What jurisdiction would you be searching? How do you know this? Since the accident happened within the state of Indiana, I only searched for cases in the state of Indiana. Conduct a search on Westlaw. Provide one source that your search yielded. One case I found that I believe will be helpful is HALE v. SS LIQUORS, INC. 956 N.E.2d 1189 (2011), because this case has similar issues at hand, whether or not the store/merchant is responsible or did not take adequate precautions to insure safety of the patrons.
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  • Fall '12
  • practice online research, Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, Grocery store, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Samantha Smith

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Samantha has no healthcare insurance and is a young single...

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