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Thesis Final Report (long)

A well we do feel angry when they do so but we dont

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A: Well we do feel angry when they do so but we don’t take that anger out. We are sitting on a stall and we should be angry? Q: We just met someone who said that if we talk to a pathan with good attitude, then he will lower the price of the good? A: Over here everyone does this. It is not just with Pathans…Every one has a stall here. When women come here and talk to us nicely, we give it to them Q: How much are you selling this for? A: It costs us around Rs. 300 and we sell it for Rs.340-350 Q: So what is the response of women like? A: If we quote Rs. 400-450, they will quote it for Rs. 300 and agree on it. They will buy it Q: ok, is it like you tell different rates to different women? A: yes, we rate differently. Q: why do you do that? Is it that particular person is from defence? A: no! defence people are literate and intelligent enough. Q: so how do you decide how to tell people what rates ? A: customer rate them differently, we see the item, if its costly we rate it more, if item is cheap, we rate it cheaper. We rate according to items. Q: how do I bargain with you that you agree with me? What speciality shoul I have? A: hmm. If we feel like then we agree to customer, its not like if a person is repectable and we just give away our item. Q: Do those customers come here who used to come to you in the older bazaar? A: Yes I get our old customers here too that used to come to the older bazaar Q: which one is a better bazaar? This one or the old one? A: This one is better because of cleanliness etc Q: Does this bazaar generate more sales or the previous one did? A: Here there is more sale due to bigger size of the bazaar Q: how much sale is generated every Sunday? A: Sometimes it is Rs 20000 and sometimes it is Rs. 15000 Q: Is there a difference these days in sales? A: It is a slow season right now (sales wise). Now as season is changing I will bring in lawn after a month or two Q: What will you do of this existing stock? A: I will try to sell this for a month or two and then keep it at my shop at Samama Mall. Q: Does it happen that you quote a lesser rate to Pashto speaking customers since you are a Pathan? A: No I don’t do that… Even if he talks in Pashto to me... I treat everyone equally whether he is Punjabi or Pashtu speaking 147
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Retailer # 7 Gender: Male Age bracket: 30-35 Profession: Selling laces and dress decoration items for women Q: How long have you been here (had a stall here)? A:22 years. My dad had a stall here and now I run it. Its been 8-10 years since I’m here. Q: Did you have a stall in the old Sunday bazaar ? (Before renovation) A: Yes I was here at that time too. Q: Which one is better ? The old one or the renovated one? A: This one is better. Q: I’ve been told by other retailers that the old one was better, it was small, the rent was low and there were more ‘actual’ buyers.
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