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Based on barchart the company is also seen as a

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Based on Barchart, the company is also seen as a strong buy, while in the long-term, the company should be expected as doing much better than what it currently is doing (SXC Health Solutions). Looking at the stocks’ week-to-week performance, the company had profited every week. Particularly looking at the final week, April 21 st , the company had outperformed over triple of what it had done the prior week. The reasoning for this had been due to its acquisition of competitor Catalyst Health Solutions. Investors believe that the acquisition will substantially increase the company’s operations and will expectedly place it in the same league as the three largest PBM companies, Express Scripts Holding, CVS Caremark, and UnitedHealth Group as the membership base of the company should grow to 25 million as a result (SXC Health to Buy Catalyst Health). Southwest Airlines, a low-cost airline, had been the last stock I had chosen to invest. Based on the domestic passengers carried, Southwest is the largest airline in the US. The company had seemed to be more of a value stock rather than a growth stock, since it was founded in 1967. Although Southwest had been one of our weakest stocks, we had invested in this company slightly later than the others. We had done this, since we realized that we still had some money we needed to use to allocate for the remainder of our portfolio. By looking at the company’s 50-day MA, the company seemed to somewhat correlate with the market. Unfortunately, the trending line had gradually sloped downward for the majority of the period. Southwest’s earnings per share are $0.35. Its
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5 Nipal P/E ratio is 23.80, which is cheaper than its average ratio of 32.6 from the past five years, indicating that investors may see this as a good opportunity (“LUV Headlines”). With a beta of 1.23, the company may have been a bit volatile. There seemed to have been little attempt from Southwest to want to grow. The company’s overall rate of return had been -1.001%. Despite this loss, this company was only provided 4% of allocation from the beginning. The reason I had chosen to invest in Microsoft as my particular bond was because it is a stable company with a well-established name. It is one of two investment grade bonds we invested in and is medium-term. Although Microsoft is a renowned company, the company had only profited the first week, while during the remaining weeks, the bond incurred moderate losses. The rationale for this may be due to the fact that it did issue any payments at the time. In addition, there is high competition within the computer software industry. Since this is the case, there is great rivalry among competitors. In addition, innovation plays a massive role in the technology sector. Microsoft’s ability to keep up with the most recent news and updates is essential for the company to thrive. Microsoft’s rate of return had been -.602%.
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Based on Barchart the company is also seen as a strong buy...

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