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DSST Business Ethics Study Guide sm 2

E a business circumstance caused by some sudden

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notice would have been required (i.e. a business circumstance caused by some sudden, dramatic, and unexpected action(s) or condition(s) beyond the employer's control, such as a major order's unexpected cancellation); or Natural disaster: When a plant closing or mass layoff is the direct result of a natural disaster such as a flood, an earthquake, a drought, a storm, a tidal wave, or the similar effects of nature. In such cases, notice may be given after the event. Specific Feedback Notes: What legislation repealed the rights enacted by the Privacy Act of 1974? (Patriot Act) Know that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was primarily enacted to restore stakeholder confidence.  A few questions about labor laws as they apply to multinational corporations. Know about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. “Grease payments”. Know all the types of conflicts of interest. Kantian ethics. Utilitarianism vs. Rule Utilitarianism. Non-disclosure agreements.  Know Definitions of: "noisy withdrawl" as it relates to lawyers, ergonomics (modifying  environment to worker instead of other way around), and what a "grease payment" is in  relation to MNCs operating overseas. Also, I did not come across the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act at all during my studies;  however it came up 3 times on the test. Same thing with the term "Command and Control" Regulation. Had no idea what it was but it  showed up 3 times.
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I know it's already been said; however, it bears repeating - lots of questions about Kohlberg  (specifically asking what stage is associated with this type of behavior etc.), many questions  relating to Utilitarian ethics concepts, and Kantian ethics. - Consequentialism - You'll need to know what Deontology and Teleoligical ethics are. - Karen Silkwood and Ker McGee - NDA - Know what the rules are on what can and can't be used after you leave the company. - Kantian Ethics - Just know everything there is to know about this one. - Social Contract (New and Old) - I know Campbell listed it, but I'm listing it again. I must have  had 10 questions on the subject. - Environmental Protection Act and OSHA - Know what each of them cover - Surveillance of Employees - Know what's allowed and what isn't - Kohlberg's Model of Cognitive Moral Development - You'll want to have this memorized.  - Outsourcing - Know the different kinds (both good and bad) - Labor laws for American multinational companies operating in other countries. - Labor Unions - Only one or two questions on what's allowed in terms of organizing and  management response. - Sexual Harassment - At least five questions on this - Conflict of Interest - Another four or five on this concept. Know it well.
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