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Thesis Final Report (long)

Q do you bargain a yes we have to bargain q how much

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Q: Do you bargain? A: Yes we have to bargain. Q: How much do you bargain? A: About half the given prices. Q: Do you have fun bargaining? A: Oh yes, we come to Sunday Bazaar and know that this is the place to bargain. Q: So Sunday Bazaar also fills entertaining purposes? A: Entertainment purposes, eating purposes, shopping purposes. All in one. Q: What feeling do you get when you purchase an item for a really good price? A: I feel very happy that I got something for such a good price. Q: So then do you go out and tell your friends about your good bargains? A: Yeah of course! Q: How frequently do you come to Sunday Bazaar? Once a month? Every Sunday? A: Not every Sunday, twice a month. Every other Sunday. Q: How much do you usually spend when coming to Sunday Bazaar? A: Usually we bring rs1000 Q: Do you usually have in mind what you want to buy before coming? A: Yes sometimes. And other times I just come to see what there is. Respondent # 30 Gender: Female Age bracket: 30-35 Profession: Housewife Q: How frequently do you come to Sunday Bazaar? A: Every other Sunday. Q: Do you live nearby? A: Defense, Phase 6. Q: So why do you come, is there any particular reason? A: I'm here on vacations, that why I'm here shopping. Q: Where are you from? A: UK Q: What have you come to buy? A: Yeah, basically we need shoes, so we came to look for shoes. Q: So why Sunday Market, why not somewhere else? 92
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A: Its cheap and there's variety. Q: For what other reason did you come? A: I need to get a pair of socks as well. Q: And you come here fairly often? A: Yes. Q: What do you usually buy? A: Basically, you don't have to have an agenda every Sunday. You can just come and roam around, and then just pick whatever you like. Because there are so many things, there's everything at Sunday Bazaar, everything under one roof. Q: Do you Bargain when you come to Sunday Bazaar? A: Yes, yes of course. Q: Why? A: Because a lot of designer people also come so the prices are generally high. Q: For example, how much would you give for an item that costs rs1000 A: I would never pay rs1000 Q: So how much would you offer? A: Like for an example, if they're selling shoes for rs700, you can actually bring it down to rs150, yeah I'm not joking. Q: New shoes or used? A: In Sunday bazaar most of the things will be used as it is. Im not talking about converse or anything. Q: How do you converse with them? In a harsh manner etc, etc..? A: Oh no, I'm very friendly. Q: What kind of items do you usually buy from here? A: Shoes, socks.. there used to be a time when you could buy shirts from Sunday bazaar, but now not so much. The quality has gone really really down. So sometimes I buy them but from the other side. This side is better for shoes and the other side is better for clothes. Respondent # 31 Gender: Male Income Bracket: 50000+ Age bracket: 35-40 Profession: Working for British Council Q: Where is your residence?
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