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DSST Intro to Law Enforcement

Failure to do so means that a conviction can be

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Failure to do so means that a conviction can be overturned later 38. Booking – the official recording process executed by a law enforcement or correctional administrator a. Personal information, reason, time, place of arrest are recorded 39. 4 police functions a. Prevention and investigation of crimes b. Capture offenders c. Ensure domestic peace d. Enforce and support the law 40. Bail – circumstance where the suspects are released from custody but on a condition that money or property is offered against flight a. 8 th Amendment – forbids excessive bail , excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishment b. Bail is used by the court to ensure the accused is present at trial 41. Preliminary Hearing – judge decides probable cause based on the reasonableness test, and conclude based on the facts that the defendant committed the crime 42. Grand Jury – in some states it is required that the prosecutors convene a grand jury to hear an indictment of evidence and decide if the case should go to trial 43. Arraignment – defendants are arraigned in their first court appearance in crimal cases and here the indictment read to them they are asked to enter a plea of : 44. 6 th Amendment the right to a jury trial for every defendant a. Can only be exercised for offences carrying a prison term exceeding 6 months b. Or where extra penalties and fines and community service are sufficiently severe to categorize the offence as a serious one 45. Plea Bargain – majority of cases are resolved by plea bargain a. Avoid expensive court trials b. Avoid uncertainty of jury trial b.i. In most cases defendant agrees to plead guilty for lesser charge and reduced sentence 46. Sentence – means for the community to punish a criminal offender
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a. Penalty passed by judicial authority such as court 47. Capital Punishment – means death for the guilty person 48. Correctional Options in the US criminal Justice system
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