Cleaning endeavors can be employed on areas already

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pollution. Cleaning endeavors can be employed on areas already polluted. Naturally occuring or deliberately introduced microorganisms can break down the pollutants; hence cleaning up the site, a process reffered to as bioremediation (Santos, H. F. et al., 2015). Industrial wastewater treatment can be done on industrial discharge before it is released to the environment. Sediment control practices can be applied in farms to prevent contaminated soil from washing off to rivers and other water bodies. It has been quite clear that coral reefs have been endangered, especially by some human activities,. Thus, certain measures should be instilled to guarantee their conservation. The responsible governing bodies can limit access to these coral reefs so as to avoid damage, and unlawful capture of some of the marine species. This can be done through the issuing of permits. Also, there is need to educate individuals on the importance of coral reefs and the various ways through which they can protect them. Therefore, if the above measures are implemented, then there is a chance for future discoveries being made on these coral reefs, especially the newly discovered reef on the Amazon.
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Environmental threats afer the reeF discovery at the end oF the Amazon River 6 References Burke , D. (2016, April 23). Huge new coral reef is discovered, but it’s already in danger. Retrieved June 15, 2016, from Metro: reef-is-discovered-but-its-already-in-danger-5836043/ Hatziolos, E. M., & Hooten, A. J. (1998). Coral reefs : challenges and opportunities for sustainable management : proceedings of an associated event of the fifth annual World Bank Conference on Environmentally and Socially Susutainable Development. Washington, D.C: World Bank. Imam, J. (2016, April 26). Massive coral reef discovered in the Amazon River. Retrieved June 15, 2016, from CNN: irpt/ IMO. (2005). Manual on oil pollution. Section 4. Combating oil spills. London: IMO. Loya, Y., & Rinkevich, B. (1980). Effects of Oil Pollution on Coral Reef Communities. MARINE ECOLOGY - PROGRESS SERIES, 167-180. Moura et al. (2016). An extensive reef system at the Amazon River mouth. Science Advances Vol. 2, no. 4, e1501252, 1-11. Santos, H. F. et al. (2015). Impact of oil spills on coral reefs can be reduced by bioremediation using probiotic microbiota. Scientific Reports 5, Article number: 18268, 1-11. Spalding, M. D., Green, E. P., & Ravilious, C. (2001). World atlas of coral reefs. Berkeley, Calif.: Univ. of California Press.
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Cleaning endeavors can be employed on areas already...

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