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Neither are summaries deadwood p 123 or p 124 editing

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–Neither are summaries Deadwood - p. 123, or p. 124 Editing Stage Quick Tips and Reminders How not to begin your essay (p. 65, or p. 67 ) Common mistakes in an essay (p. 82, or p. 84 ) NO subtitles needed in a short critical analysis Paragraphs in an academic essay should be indented Use indirect quotations when you summarize theory (see paraphrasing in MLA guide)
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Common grammatical mistakes to avoid • Single quotations vs. Double quotations • Contractions • don t use them in formal writing! • Use of apostrophe • indicates ownership • Than/then • know the difference Checklist Have you followed formatting instructions? Reviewed the MLA guide? Is your essay within the expected word count range? If it s longer, have you edited out deadwood? Is your thesis clear? Did you title your essay? Do you have a Works Cited? Does each of your body paragraphs connect to your thesis?
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