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BLAW 201, CH 15 Questionsss

Seldon failed to honor this promise and allis sued

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$2500 for his services. Seldon failed to honor this promise and Allis sued him to recover $2500. Seldon's defense was that Allis’ act of finding the purchaser was done before Seldon made his promise to pay $2500, and that such act could not serve as consideration for his subsequent promise. Decide, indicating your reasoning carefully. 11) Curry, an aged man of some wealth, lived alone. Wilson, a neighbor, called one evening at Curry’s house, found him unconscious and ill, administered to his wants, remained all night, and spent the next two months nursing and taking care of him. At the end of the two months, Curry spoke for the first time and, believing that he was getting well, said to Wilson, "You have saved my life and I will pay you well for it. Stay with me and help me regain my health." Two days later Curry died. Wilson now presents a claim to the estate of Curry for two months and two days of nursing at $120.00 a day. What, if anything, can Wilson recover? No consideration because payment was not bargained for the past (Past Consideration).
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However, Wilson should receive 240 for the two days that he worked after Curry woke up and bargained. 12) Denton owed Calvin $5,000 which was due and unpaid. Denton was negotiating for the purchase of a new house and realized that if Calvin demanded payment of the $5,000 after he had invested all his available cash in the new house, he, Denton, would be in an unfortunate predicament. He therefore went to Calvin and explained the whole situation to him, and requested a one-year extension of the $5,000 debt. Calvin expressed willingness to go along under the circumstance and gave Denton a written promise not to sue on that obligation for the period of one year. Two days later, and before Denton had entered into a binding agreement to purchase the new house, Denton received a letter from Calvin revoking his promise and demanding immediate payment of the $5,000 debt, and in which he threatened to sue for the debt if payment was not made immediately. Answer the following questions relating to these facts, and discuss your reasons fully: (a) Is there consideration for the promise of Calvin not to sue for one year? There is no consideration because there is no detriment on Denton’s side. (b) Could the written promise not to sue be subject to any other argument for enforceability by Denton? (c) In what regards, if any, would your answers to (a) and (b) above be changed if Denton had entered into an agreement to purchase the house before his receipt of Calvin's letter? Yes because he could use Promissory Estoppel 13) Winner mailed the following note to Coombs: January 8, 1989 Because of our long friendship, I promise to send you $2,000 within a week. I know you can use the money for your son's college tuition, and you can sue me for it if I don't pay. Witness my hand and seal. (Signed) James B. Winner
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Seldon failed to honor this promise and Allis sued him to...

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