In both cases ROLLBACK TRANSACTION decrements the TRANCOUNT system function to

In both cases rollback transaction decrements the

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In both cases, ROLLBACK TRANSACTION decrements the @@TRANCOUNT system function to 0. ROLLBACK TRANSACTION savepoint_name does not decrement @@TRANCOUNT. A transaction cannot be rolled back after a COMMIT TRANSACTION statement is executed, except when the COMMIT TRANSACTION is associated with a nested transaction that is contained within the transaction being rolled back. In this instance, the nested transaction will also be rolled back, even if you have issued a COMMIT TRANSACTION for it. Within a transaction, duplicate savepoint names are allowed, but a ROLLBACK TRANSACTION using the duplicate savepoint name rolls back only to the most recent SAVE TRANSACTION using that savepoint name. Example: use RegistrarDB begin transaction s1 rollback transaction 11. DRl(Data Retrieval Language ) 1. Select The SELECT operator can be used, among other things, to display a value. The SELECT keyword uses the following syntax: SELECT What; Based on this, to use it, where it is needed, type SELECT followed by a number, a word, a string, or an expression. To display a sentence using SELECT, type it in single-quotes on the right side of this operator. Here is an executed example
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