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A a hair on a pillow 14 what happens when ms emilys

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a. a hair on a pillow 14. What happens when Ms. Emily’s father dies? a. she refuses to let them take the body away 15. What are we told at the beginning of the story is the only concern that the women of the town have for Emily? a. to see the inside of her house 16. In The House on Mango Street, what do houses seem to represent? a. self possession 17. What does Esperanza’s name mean? a. hope 18. According to lecture, what does the “monkey garden” possibly represent? a. eden 19. What was Esperanza’s first job? a. photoshop worker 20. What character of characters in The House on Mango Street were identified in class as representing the world of adult sexuality? a. Marin b. Sally 21. In the House on Mango Street, Mamacita starts crying because the baby boy a. is singing a pepsi commercial
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22. What do the shoes that the women with “little feet” gives Esperanza and her friends probably represent? a. sexuality 23. In The House on Mango Street, which of the following reveals misgivings about machisimo? a. sally’s relationship with her father 24. How does Esperanza hope to escape her neighborhood and the house on Mango street? a. through writing 25. What image is used as symbolic motif throughout The House on Mango Street? a. the woman in the window
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