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Assignment 7 -The Secret World of Air Freight

The cockpit on the northwest air carrier is higher up

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to Manila, then Singapore, then back to Japan, and then Anchorage, Alaska. The cockpit on the Northwest Air Carrier is higher up, and offers limited viewing space compared to traditional passenger flight cabins. The long journey makes it difficult for pilots, as they have to adjust to the time zone changes. The next flight we are shown offers some interesting freight; 47 thoroughbred horses headed to Japan. The horses are coming from Consodine Farm of Lexington, Kentucky, one of the largest importer/exporters in the world. Before the 14-hour flight, a vet examines all the horses. The air stables for the horses are then covered with dust free shavings. This is to soak up the urine of the horses. The horses often get nervous upon takeoff, as most humans also do. They are checked on to make sure they are ok. Soon after takeoff, the horses are fed. The plain is kept at a chilly temperature, which is comfortable for the horses, but not as much for the travelers.
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The Secret World of Air Freight Airfreight is a critical component for one of the most popular wines in the world, Beaujolais Nouveau. The wine is shipped to over 50 countries. There is a short time period to ship the wine due to the high demand. It cannot be sold before the third Thursday of November, and shipped no sooner than a week before that. A total of 4.8 million of bottles are shipped, traveling in 6oo trucks to the airports.
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