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earthquakes chpt 10 study guide

True false 31 creep is an ultra slow almost

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True False 31. Creep is an ultra-slow, almost imperceptible upslope movement of the soil and uppermost bedrock zones. True False 32. Ground surfaces do not sit still; they move up and down. True False 33. The volume of soil does not stay constant but instead swells and shrinks. True False 34. Whether it is by natural or human processes, anything that steepens a slope moves it closer to failure. True False 35. Clays are among the least abundant of all sediments. True False 36. Clay crystals are composed of thin subparallel sheets, like the pages in a book. True False 37. There are certain times when a hill containing clay minerals is weaker than at other times, and then gravity has a better chance of provoking a slope failure. True False
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38. The mechanical or strength characteristics of a rock are usually governed by the 10 to 15 percent of the rock with the coarsest grain size. True False 39. Quick clays are among the least mobile of all deposits and so provide favorable building sites. True False 40. Water is both absorbed (internally) and adsorbed (externally) by clay minerals with resultant increases in strength. True False 41. Water molecules can attach their positive sides against clay minerals because clay surfaces are also positively charged. True False 42. Many mass movements and slope failures result from abnormally high pore-water pressures. True False 43. Despite what some old movies show, quicksand does not suck people or other objects down. True False 44. Removal of large thicknesses of overburden material causes expansion of earth materials, which can lead to decreases in strength. True False 45. The orientation of rock layering within a hill can either enhance or hinder the chances of slope failure. True False 46. The geological condition known as daylighted bedding exists where the ends of shallow-dipping rock layers are exposed to daylight on a steeper slope. This condition produces a strengthened condition of the rock layers that is not favorable for failure. True False 47. The main types of mass movement are downward, as in falling or subsiding, or downward and outward, as in sliding and flowing. True False 48. A translational slide may move as long as it sits on the downward-inclined surface and its driving mass still exists whereas rotational slides move only short distances. True False 49. The amount of water in pore spaces has no effect on mass movements of earth materials. True False 50. The floor of the Pacific Ocean around the Hawaiian Islands is covered with submarine slumps and debris avalanches over an area that is several times the area of the islands themselves. True False
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51. Basal failure surfaces for landslides typically are either curved in a concave-upward sense or nearly planar. True False 52. Flank collapses on volcanic islands can cause tsunami. True False 53. Land subsidence is worsened by the cessation of groundwater pumping, because the additional water that is retained underground weakens the rock, making it subside more easily. True False 54. Carbonic acid is produced by the chemical precipitation of limestone. True False
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Chapter 10 Mass Movements Key 1. A 2. D 3. D 4. C 5. A 6. A 7. B 8. C 9. D 10. E 11. A 12. A 13. D 14. E 15. C 16. E 17. E 18. A 19. D 20. D 21. E 22. B 23. E 24. D 25. E 26. A 27. A 28. C 29. A 30. TRUE 31. FALSE 32. TRUE 33. TRUE 34. TRUE 35. FALSE 36. TRUE 37. TRUE 38. FALSE 39. FALSE 40. FALSE 41. FALSE 42. TRUE 43. TRUE 44. TRUE 45. TRUE 46. FALSE 47. TRUE 48. TRUE 49. FALSE 50. TRUE 51. TRUE 52. TRUE 53. FALSE 54. FALSE
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True False 31 Creep is an ultra slow almost imperceptible...

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