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The best type of exercises that work for me is

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banana and a cup of orange juice will get you going through the morning. The best type of exercises that work for me is anything that can get my heart rate pumping. Cardio exercises for instance work best for me. I like the surge of energy I get and it makes me feel like I am getting the workout I need. Yoga and Pilates are also good and I have tried them both but it’s not fast paced enough for me. I enjoy walking, running, dancing and exercises like jumping. Music mixed with exercise makes it entertaining for me; it motivates me to want to be there and to continue my workout plan. Running doesn’t require special equipment and allows you to get the peace you can get from Yoga. This even raises swiftly the heart rate which is good if you are trying to burn calories.” It is true that 145lb individual will use 300 calories if they sustain a run at 5.2 mph enduring at least 30 minutes. An individual will burn about 150 calories with a brisk walk (Waehner, 2012). My activities that I use can be used year around. Even walking can be used, if
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you prefer to go to the gym to continue walking. However if the gym is not in your budget there are many cardio exercises that can work if the weather does not permit you to walk. Exercise videos provide ways to avoid bad weather. I would suggest
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