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Cyberspace and Society Lecture Notes 2

O cloud computing is a form of grid computing but the

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o Cloud computing is a form of grid computing, but the resources come from the internet rather than a specific source. Networking History o 1964 – online transaction processing made its debut in IBM debuts SABRE (Semi-Automatic Business-Related Environment) reservation system, set up for American Airlines. o Using telephone lines, SABRE linked 2,000 terminals in 65 cities to a pair of IBM 7090 computers, delivering data on any flight in less than three seconds o 1971 – Ray Tomlinson of the research firm Bolt, Beranek and Newman sent the first email when he was supposed to be working ona a different project o Tomlinson is credited with being the one to decide on the “@” sign for use in email. o Message sent over the military network called ARPANET Wi-Fi Equipment o If your computer is not pre-equipped with wireless circuitry, you can purchase and install a Wi-Fi card. The Router o A router forwards messages from network to network o It needs an IP address to determine the packet destination o If you want multiple computers to share a broadband connection, you’ll need a router. Wi-Fi Setup
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o Set up the router o Connect to the router with a computer o Configure the router o Access the router setup utility o Create a new router password Encryption o Encryption transforms a message so that its contents are hidden from unauthorized readers Plaintext has not yet been encrypted An encrypted message is referred to as ciphertext Wi-Fi Setup o Enter an SSID for the network o
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  • Spring '11
  • Forman
  • Computer network, Wi-Fi, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet, Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, LANs- Network Architecture

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