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Assignment 2.1 Restaurant Review

How will you focusstructure your review so it has a

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-How will you focus/structure your review so it has a specific approach and thematic/narrative throughline, as opposed to being just a list of what you liked and
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didn’t like? -“A writer may ask himself, what is the reader expecting when they read the review? What kind of occasion this restaurant is for?” LOGISTICS Address (multiple locations?), phone number, hours, website, need reservations, any other important info? Other questions/points: What is the restaurant trying to do? Does it succeed? Will you have a rating system? (If so, be sure to explain it) Don’t forget a title! You may include photographs if you like. *Remember that there are many other questions you might consider that aren’t listed here. Also, remember that you will not be able to include all of this information in a 2-3 page review, and that you will need to make focused choices, based on the central idea or argument of your review. Some helpful tips, from you to you: “The last element that will help in writing a credible restaurant review is by being honest. Let the reader know what the experience was actually like. A biased review is nice, but sometimes can lead to a chain reaction of bad reviews if the place didn’t fit future critics. If the place was garbage, say it was garbage. If the food was amazing, but it took forever to be served then let the reader know. Someone may be looking for a quick bite to eat before work and can’t afford to be held up by sluggish service, especially with the traffic in Seattle.” “There are various arguments that you can create for a restaurant review, in regards to your purpose: whether you are simply delivering your feeling and try to leave the same impression on your audience, or you’d like to introduce a dining culture, or you want to argue about the a general issue in our society that you are happy or not happy with out of your dining experience. Whichever claim you created, you should make sure that your review is cohesive, and the main claim is consistent. In that case you need to synthesize single pieces of evidence to support your argument, i.e, to make what you see, hear, taste, smell, touch, feel in the restaurant coorperate with each other to support writing. It is encouraged to try to use appropriate rhetorical strategies that we explored in this class. Mind the style, tone you use according to your target audience and your purpose of this writing, as mentioned above.”
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How will you focusstructure your review so it has a...

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