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A i said it was destined to happen it was fate q did

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Unformatted text preview: A: I said it was destined to happen.. It was fate Q: Did you feel acheievement in buying at a lower price than your friend? A: my friend actually helped me buy it at a lower price so it was no problem 109 Q: Do all of you bargain? A: Yes we do… coming to this market we have to bargain. That is why we come here Q: So if I ask about the qualities that a bargainer should have, you would say…? A: First of all he should have the confidence. He shouldn’t waste time. Whatever you like you should negotiate with the retailer. I would ask how much the retailer is giving it for. I would know what price I would quote Q: So In your opinion is this friend of yours a better bargainer than you all? A: It totally depends upon how much you shop. Q: Do you have a predefined budget when coming to such markets? A: There is always a “mindset” that I wont spend more than a certain amount Q: So what were you planning to buy from here since it is your first visit and you don’t know much about this market? A: Shoes and shirts Q: So what items were you planning to buy: secondhand or brand new? A: See in shoes it doesn’t make a difference as long as the shoe is good Q: and how would you define good? A: the shoes should be comfortable and durable Q: Let’s say I quote the price of the shoes as Rs. 1000. How much will you buy it for? A: Half price Q: So how does the negotiation process begin between you and the retailer? A: Yes they are… not mostly during the day.. But usually at night they are more interested to make a sale Q: Let’s say, that I quote an item’s price as Rs. 1000. What price will you quote for it to the retailer? A: We start on a good note with “Salam Dua”. Then you ask for the price of good and then renegotiate it. If he doesn’t agree you move forward to another shop and buy it from there. They already know who will buy or not Q: Do you visit other markets as well? A: No we’ve never been there… Q: So where do you all usually shop at? A: Bahadrabad and tariq road since It is very near to our house Q: Do you think that there is there a difference in prices of such places and Sunday Bazaar? A: Of course! It is more expensive there Q: But don’t you think that since Sunday Bazaar is located in a posh locality of Karachi, there could be a price difference…? A: Yes area does effect prices of items but over here the good s are less expensive in comparison Q: So will you go home and tell you family and friends that you bought these shoes from Sunday bazaar? A: Obviously… When we would wear it people would ask us how much we bought it for and from where we got it Q: Will tell you female friends that you’ve bought the shoes from here if they compliment you?...
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A I said it was destined to happen It was fate Q Did you...

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