Financial institutions both for assets and

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financial institutions, both for assets and liabilities side, like letters of credit or guarantee, bills of exchange, term finance certificates (TFCs), State Bank's Refinance Schemes, Credit Cards, Interbank transactions, underwriting, foreign currency forward cover and various kinds of bank accounts. The Commission observed that all deposits, except current accounts, would be accepted on Mudaraba principle. Current accounts
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would not carry any return and the banks would be at liberty to levy service charge as fee for their handling. The Commission also approved the concept of Daily Product and Weightage System for distribution of profit among various kinds of liabilities/deposits. The Report also contained recommendation for forestalling willful default and safeguarding interest of the banks, depositors and the clients. According to the Commission, prior/preparatory works for introduction of Shariah compliant financial system briefly included creating legal infrastructure conducive for working of Islamic financial system, launching a massive education and training program for bankers and their clients and an effective campaign through media for the general public to create awareness about the Islamic financial system. The Finance Minister of Pakistan in his budget speech for the FY02 declared the following: “ Government is committed to eliminate Riba and promote Islamic banking in the country. For this purpose a number of steps are under way which are: 1. A legal framework is designed to encourage practice of Islamic banking by banks and financial institutions as subsidiary operations of their main operations; 2. Consultations and exchanges are undertaken with brother Islamic countries and renowned institutions of Islamic learning such as middle eastern countries and Al-Azhar University of Egypt, to learn more about their experiences and practices; 3. Amendments in HBFC Act are being made in line with the directive of the Supreme Court. With these changes, HBFC would be fully Shariah compliant institution, which will play an effective role both in promotion of Islamic financing method but also in the development of the important housing sector; 4. Shariah compliant modes of financing like Musharaka and Mudaraba will be encouraged so that familiarity and use of such products is enhanced and their adoption at a wider scale made possible. It is government’s intention to promote Islamic banking in the country while keeping in view its linkages with the global economy and existing commitments to local and foreign investors”. The House Building Finance Corporation had shifted its rent sharing operations to interest based system in 1989. The Task Force of the M/O Law proposed amendments in the HBFC Act to make it Shariah Compliant. Having vetted by the CTFS, the amended law has been promulgated by the Government. Accordingly, the HBFC launched in 2001 Asaan Ghar Scheme in the light of amended Ordinance based on the Diminishing Musharakah concept. A Committee was constituted in the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Pakistan (ICAP), wherein the SBP was also represented, for development of accounting and auditing standards for
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financial institutions both for assets and liabilities side...

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