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Progestin containing contraceptives may increase

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Progestin-containing contraceptives may increase plasma lipids which has  been associated with increased risk of  cardiovascular disease
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Slide 19 Risks Newer progestin (drospirenone) in  Yasmin has both anti-androgenic and  anti-mineralocorticoid actions.   Can result in elevated potassium levels  Should not be taken by women who  have high potassium or who have  kidney or liver problems that might  affect potassium level. Slide 20 Advantages of Hormonal  Contraceptives Reduces the risk of ovarian cancer  during use and afterwards. Risks of endometrial and colorectal  cancer also reduced. Non-intrusive - does not interrupt sex  act Easy to use Highly effective Slide 21 Advantages of Hormonal  Contraceptives Reduce menstrual blood loss - may  result in amenorrhea (particularly  progestin-only contraceptives) Reduced dysmenorrhea Beyaz has folate to help prevent brain  defects in pregnancies occuring during?? and immediately after Beyaz use?
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Slide 22 Disadvantages of Hormonal  Contraceptives No protection from sexually- transmitted diseases including HIV. May cause irregular menses or amenorrhea. Reduced estrogen levels may reduce bone  density especially if woman is amenorrheic (Jury  is still out on this.).
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Progestin containing contraceptives may increase plasma...

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