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10-13-11 Thevenin and Norton Equivalent Circuits

The thevenin equivalent circuit with a 636ω resistor

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Unformatted text preview: The Thevenin equivalent circuit with a 636Ω resistor across terminal AB, with a current measured and voltage Question 2. How much power does the circuit consume? Does maximum power transfer occur at approximately the value of the Thevenin equivalent resistance? Yes, the maximum power transfer occurs for a load resistor of the same value as the equivalent resistance. Conclusion All in all, this experiment was performed rather well. We managed to calculate the necessary components by hand, which was later confirmed by the Multisim simulations, and build the circuit to the best of our ability. However, that having been said, unfortunately another fuse was blown as the multimeter was still connected in voltage reading format as we switched to reading current. Yet, after we were able to use another group’s multimeter, we were pleasantly surprised to find that its values were more consistent than our previous multimeter. As far as error goes, this experiment is normal except for the 8% errors in Tables 1 and 2. These differences in expected and measured current are most likely the result of our power source, a DC power supply, having its current output maxed. We later found out, during the course of the lab, that this is unwanted. Also another form of error, we accidentally measured the output voltage in Table 3, not the voltage across the resistor. However, by using another equation to find power, , we were able to find the necessary values....
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The Thevenin equivalent circuit with a 636Ω resistor...

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