i When submitting a writtentyped assignment by mail you must INCLUDE a cover

I when submitting a writtentyped assignment by mail

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(i) When submitting a written/typed assignment by mail, you must INCLUDE a cover sheet with your assignment. (j) To submit an assignment via my Unisa : Go to my Unisa . Log in with your student number and password. Select the module. Click on assignments in the left-hand menu. Click on the assignment number you want to submit. Follow the instructions on the screen. (k) Please remember to allocate the same unique number to the assignment as the one given in this tutorial letter. Remember that your first assignment must be numbered 01 and your second assignment must be numbered 02. (l) Please ensure that your name, address, student number, module code, assignment number and unique number for both your assignments appear correctly when submitting them. This information must be absolutely correct . (m) It is wise to make copies of assignments before submitting them, in case they get lost in the post. (n) Do not submit the same assignment a second time. The computer will simply reject it as a duplicate assignment. (o) Soon after the closing date of the multiple-choice assignment, you will receive a computer printout giving your answers, the correct answers, and your marks for the assignment. For the written assignment, markers will comment constructively on your work. You will also receive Tutorial Letters, CLA1501/201/2017 and CLA1501/202/2017 , with detailed commentaries and feedback on the two compulsory assignments. Please note: Each year a number of students submit faulty mark-reading sheets which cannot be processed by the computer. Sheets that are rejected by the computer are returned to students without being marked.
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