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College Comp 2 Unit 6 assignment

The answer is easy because its there and often times

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portions. The answer is easy, because it’s there and often times the only available option. The more we eat, the larger the portion sizes become. Taking into consideration that the average American should eat between 1,500 and 2,000 calories daily, why would 7-eleven sell a 55oz soda they call a double gulp. This soda is so large it accounts for 744 calories. (Sugar Stacks, 2009) Nearly half of a person’s daily need. Logically an adult should know that is way too much. The concern needs to be for our nations teens and nearly teens. They are buying these in droves not realizing the long term effects that it will have on their bodies. This is a problem even in my own household. My 16 year old daughter came home with one of these sodas. I wanted her to
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pour it down the drain. She stated that “If it was so bad for me people wouldn’t be able to sell them. You are just over reacting.” She hit the nail on the head for my point exactly. Why do they sell them? As long as there is no other option, kids will continue to buy them. The money will continue to roll in so they will continue to sell them with little or no regard for public health. I’ve talked a lot about the problem. Now, I would like to talk about a solution. What if there was a way we could change the way America eats fast food? What if we could eliminate the bad choices which would effectively eliminate the temptations? I propose a fast food, drive thru, restaurant called The Healthy Shack. The Healthy Shack offers a very specific menu of low calorie, highly nutritional foods. If it is not healthy, you will not find it on the menu. All fruits and vegetables are organic and locally grown. Being locally grown is very important. If a fresh fruit or vegetable is trucked 1,500 hundred miles in a box truck, how fresh can it be when it arrives? The fuel use and omissions in the environment are also a concern as well. Everything
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