Yang dimak sud dengan aktiva bersih adalah A aktiva lancar dikurangi kewajiban

Yang dimak sud dengan aktiva bersih adalah a aktiva

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43.Yang dimaksud dengan aktiva bersih adalah…. A.aktiva lancar dikurangi kewajiban lancar B.aktiva lancar ditambah kewajiban lancar C.aktiva ditambah kewajiban D.aktiva ditambah modal E.aktiva ditambah pendapatan 44. Urutan yang benar atas aktiva lancar adalah…. A. kas, utang dagang, persediaan, dan biaya dibayar di muka B. kas, piutang dagang, persediaan, dan biaya dibayar di muka C. kas, utang dagang, biaya dibayar di muka, dan persediaan D. kas, piutang dagang, biaya dibayar di muka, dan persediaan E. kas, piutang dagang, persediaan, dan pendapatan yang masih harus diterima 45.Which of the following is not a selling expense? 46.The net income reported on the income statement is Rp90.000.000,00 However, adjusting enties have not been made at the end of the period for the supplies expense of Rp2.700.000,00 and accrued salaries Rp1.300.000. Net Income as corrected is….
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10 47.The chart of account for the Frias Company includes some of the following accounts: Account Name Account NumberCash 11 Accounts Receivable 13 Prepaid Insurance 15 Accounts Payable 21 Unearned Revenue 24 Eddy, Capital 31 Eddy, Drawing 32 Fees Earned 41 Salaries Expense 54 Rent Expense 56 On the journal page 3, the following transaction was found: Cash 750.000.000 Fees Earned 750.000.000 What is the post reference that will be found on the journal entry? 48.The accounts in the ledger of Mickeys Park Co. are listed in alphabetical order. All accounts have normal balances: Accounts Payable 500.000 Fees Earned 2,000.000 Accounts Receivable 800.000 Insurance Expense 300.000 Investment 1,000.000 Land 2,000.000 Cash 1,600.000 Wages Expense 400.000 Withdrawals 200.000 Owner’s Equity1,800.000 The total of all the assets is: A.Rp4.400.000,00 B.Rp4.700.000,00 C.Rp5.200.000,00 D.Rp5.300.000,00 E.Rp5.700.000,00
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11 49.The following is the adjusted trial balance for Norman Company: Norman Company Adjusted Trial Balance For the Year ended December 31, 2010 Cash 6,130.000 Accounts Receivable 2,300.000 Prepaid Expenses 750.000 Equipment 13,400.000 Accumulated Depreciation 1,200.000 Accounts Payable 1,700.000 Notes Payable 5,000.000 Andy Norman, Capital 12,000.000 Andy Norman, Withdrawals 870.000 Fees Earned 6,600.000 Wages Expense 1,450.000 Rent Expense 900.000 Utilities Expense 475.000 Depreciation Expense 150.000 Miscellaneous Expense 75.000 Totals 26,500.000 26,500.000 Determine the net income (loss) for the period. 50. The Statement of Owner’s Equity begins with the beginning balance followed by…. A. plus Net Income (loss) less withdrawals B. plus Net Income (loss) plus investments C. plus Investments less withdrawals D. plus Investments plus Net Income (loss) less withdrawals E. plus Investments plus Net Income (loss)
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