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Vision and mission statement delicious coffee house

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Vision and Mission Statement Delicious Coffee House was established with a vision in mind. Its doors are open to everyone that wants a calm and serene place to clear their mind. The mission statement of Delicious Coffee House is to give the “resources of the Earth, to the People of the World”. This statement is because of the products that Delicious Coffee House offers its consumers. Products, Services, and Customers The products that Delicious Coffee House provides to its consumers are hot and iced coffee plus specialty coffee, hot and iced tea, hot chocolate, and water. We also serve pastries that go great with our beverages. Our vegetable and meat pies are the mainly well-liked pastry because we use wheat dough, carrots and real corn beef. All of our products are made from the earth including organic herbs. Our beverages all have the natural herbs in them called power of the leaves. We also use Ginseng in some of our products to increase energy and strength. We have a lot of customers testify about our beverages in which our consumers frequently come and buy. Our pastries are made from real vegetables and corn beef which are homemade. We in fact grow our own vegetables we use for our pastries. This is because we want to make sure they are 100% natural and not with additives. Delicious Coffee House will also serve deli sandwiches for our consumer who needs an undersized meal to satisfy their hunger. The sandwiches will consist of Turkey and Swiss, Three Cheese Grilled Cheese, Grilled Veggie Burger, and Pesto Chicken. All of delicious sandwiches
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4 STRATEGIC PLAN 1 are served on wheat bread or spinach wrap. This will limit calories and serve as healthier as possible. The customers that patronize Delicious Coffee House will be looking for not just a place to
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Vision and Mission Statement Delicious Coffee House was...

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