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A project might require musical ensembles such as a

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A project might require musical ensembles such as a choir, string section or background vocals for a particular part or to give a piece a fuller sound A member of a group might not be available or by up to the overall musical standards that are required by a proeject. In such situations, its not uncommon for a professional studio musicians to be called in. The artist and their team A song has separate credits for the lyrics and the segments of the song book. A music arranger performs can notate and possible conduct the various musical parts in a session. Arranger: reherses the musicians Tradtional Producers: someone who has been allowed creative control of a recording process. Their role is to capture and enocourage the peformances of the artists using the options available to them. The sounding board for the artist. Someone to bounce ideas off and to receive an objective opinion from. Bedroom Producer is an individual who utilizes a DAW in their personal studio to producer music. Called in to bring in beats and tracks. Primary functions of Producers: Coordinate the scheduling and budgetary aspects of a recording project. Help to creat the best possible recorded performance and final product that reflects the artists vision. Mabe given complete control but more likely a collaboration. The big boss in charge of all aspects of the album. How Assist in the selection of songs. Help to focus the artistc goals and performance. Help to translate the performance into a final product. Traditionally this would include rehearsing session musicians. Many producers are more hands off.
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WHATS THE LINE? Engineer takes on producer and co producer. Its blurry dude.
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  • EricWilliams
  • producer, Session musician, Audio mastering, mix engineer, Producer-Engineer-Assistant Engineer- Tape

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A project might require musical ensembles such as a choir...

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