Passing judgment on was how kevin clash the famous

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passing judgment on was how Kevin Clash the famous puppeteer of Elmo resigned in the wake of a sex scandal. Because my children have always been big admirers of Elmo this particular news story caught my attention. Before judging the information represented in the article, I took all factors into consideration and analyzed all of the information presented in the article. The information displayed through the article was given by USA Today, which is a National newspaper that offers US and International news. Because this particular source is well known, it doesn’t necessarily mean all of the articles that they display are filled with facts. However, I felt the information that was given in this article was clear, accurate and provided a sufficient amount
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of detailed information. I felt the article represented all of the information properly and did not ignore any facts about the story. This is not the first time the famous puppeteer has been in news stories, in which new allegations have evolved regarding Kevin Clash and this story displayed prior and current information. Through the information given in this story, I strongly believe it did consider other alternative perspectives by displaying concern from parents of children who are avid watchers of Sesame Street, as well as focused on the positive side to Mr. Clash and
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passing judgment on was how Kevin Clash the famous...

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