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Our missions may justly require the use of armed

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government, must be protected when threatened or attacked. Our missions may justly require the use of armed force against legitimate threats, consistent with the Army Ethic. We recognize that our lives, and the lives and well-being of others, are at risk. In the fog of war, uncertainty compromises situational understanding. Regardless, to the best of our ability, we must make decisions and take actions that are right. We understand there may be unanticipated, unintended consequences affecting the lives of innocent people and their property. We do all we can to avoid these effects. We accept prudent risk and with courage we accomplish the mission in the right way. We continuously advance the expertise of our chosen profession through life-long learning, professional development and our certifications. 2-22. Within the Army Profession, progressive development and certification in character, competence, and commitment for Soldiers and Army Civilians is a continuous, life-long responsibility. Knowledge, discipline, and leadership require education, training, experience, coaching, counseling, and mentoring. Situational understanding requires our individual and collective wisdom and judgment, often under demanding, chaotic circumstances, to discern what is actually so the truth. With shared understanding and intent, we evaluate our options, decide what is right, and work as a cohesive team to accomplish the mission. Stewards of the Army Profession Committed Professionals We embrace and uphold the Army Values and standards of the profession, always accountable to each other and the American people for our decisions and actions. 2-23. Every Soldier and Army Civilian has the opportunity to simultaneously be a leader, follower, and steward of the Army Profession. We are accountable to the American people to accomplish the mission in the right way. We accept responsibility for making right decisions and taking right actions, always. We hold others and ourselves accountable to achieve the standard, striving for excellence. All of us exemplify lifelong commitment to defend the American people and secure the national interest by performing our duty consistent with Army Values. We stand strong to uphold the Army Ethic and conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of our professional status.
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