17 2010 gjhay data optical imagery city of calgary

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17 © 2010 G.J.Hay Data – Optical Imagery City of Calgary 2006 Aerial ortho- photography of all four quadrants 30cm spatial resolution. 2008 Google scene (30cm) can be purchased for $3K(USD) 18 © 2010 G.J.Hay Radiometric Error Correction In order to obtain accurate surface temperatures from TABI data, 3 important radiometric errors need to be corrected. 1. Thermal Drift As the sensor heats up the readings change 2. Atmospheric Variability Data acquired at a different time will have atmospheric temperature variability Developing a normalization algorithm 3. Emissivity The ratio of the radiation emitted by a surface to the radiation emitted by a perfect blackbody radiator at the same temperature. Public input on roofing material types Classified ‘roof-material’ maps
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19 © 2010 G.J.Hay Low Emissivity 0.82 Material’s ability to release heat Apparent vs. Real temperatures AT captured at the sensor RT on the ground Emissivity values are known for common materials Unit-less value between 0 & 1 Roof material Emissivity 22°C 22°C High Emissivity 0.91 Apparent Temperatures Real Temperatures 20°C 18°C 20 © 2010 G.J.Hay Free & Open Source Software Object-Rational Database, Python bindings Dynamic object-oriented programming language, rapid program development Standards organization for geospatial and location based services Spatially enabled PostgreSQL allowing it to handle geodatabases 21 © 2010 G.J.Hay System Components GeoDB PostGIS Web Server Python Image Processing IDL Web Browser AJAX
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