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LS308 Law and Society Unit 3 assignment

Traditional law indian reservation in az based on

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Traditional law Indian Reservation in AZ Based on unwritten cultural beliefs and traditions. tends to be group oriented. lacks attorney and formally trained judges. Although they have since adapted their Traditional laws into a more common and civil law system. Various methods based on laws and traditions are used. Thru the Tribal court system. If one were to steal items while in the country of Great Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, China, and The Navajo Nation Tribe of the United States, she would face punishments of law within each jurisdiction and face various legal battles and penalties depending on the type of law that the country practices. The legal system in Britain is common law. China is socialist law and traditional law. France is Civil Law. Saudi Arabia is a Theocracy. The Navajo Nation is somewhat Traditional law, but has since incorporated many of the common law and civil law methods. In Great Britain the law practiced is common law, which is known as case law or precedent. My friend’s punishment would normally be held within “Her Majesty's Courts of Justice of England
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LS308 Law and Society Unit 3 assignment and Wales", where they apply the law as established under Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. There are two kinds of criminal trial: 'summary' and 'on indictment'. For an adult, summary trials take place in a magistrates' court, while trials on indictment take place in the Crown Court. Despite the possibility of two venues for trial, almost all criminal cases, however serious, commence in the Magistrates' Courts. A criminal case may begin either by the defendant being charged and then being brought forcibly before Magistrates or by summons to the defendant to appear on a certain day before the Magistrates. A summons is usually confined to very minor offences. If one were caught in France the punishment would be held in regards to a civil law system which is similar to Roman law. The method for one being tried in a civil courtroom would be “The Police Court, or tribunal de police, has summary jurisdiction over all finable offences committed by adults, those being misdemeanors or summary offences. For petty misdemeanors like most traffic violations, suspected offenders may either plea nolo contendere and pay a set fine amount (amende forfaitaire) or contest the charge in court. The court may then find the defendant innocent or guilty, but if found guilty, they are liable to be sentenced a higher fine. All criminal matters may pass summarily through the Court, but this court has limited original jurisdiction for cases where prison stays are not a possible punishment.
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Traditional law Indian Reservation in AZ Based on unwritten...

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