The work of a scientist realising the limitations of

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The work of a scientist Realising the limitations of scientific knowledge S. Collect newspaper cuttings related to science for board display and then discuss ‘what is science?’(CM) T. Video on work of scientists. S. Library search on discoveries / inventions of famous scientists and discussion of their contributions to society (CM) 1.2 Safety in the laboratory Laboratory safety Knowing your laboratory Laboratory safety rules Safety measures to be observed in the science laboratory Coping with common laboratory accidents S. From pictures identify potential hazards in the laboratory and suggest necessary precautions(OB) S. Decision making exercises on the right things to do in the laboratory in the case of accident or emergency, e.g. in case of a fire or acid spills T. Demonstrate the use of fire extinguishers (EA) 1.3 Using common laboratory equipment Measuring temperature, weight, length, volume and time Proper handling of simple apparatus, e.g. test-tube, dropper, Bunsen burner Proper use of measuring instruments, e.g. measuring cylinder, thermometer, half-metre rule, stop- S. Familiarize with the safe handling of some common laboratory apparatus (EA, MS)
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