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System analysis looks at the problem and gathers

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behaviorally feasible. System analysis looks at the problem and gathers information from the current system to determine the requirements of the new system being implemented. At the end of the system analysis is a set of user requirements. System design is how the system will actually perform the task; it maps out the hardware, software, communication, ect and the integration of those parts. The project manager must be careful of scope creep during this stage, adding features after the project has been started. Programming involves the translation of design into computer code, which is followed by the testing phase to ensure the expected results are the received results. Testing is used to detect and remove errors in the system. System implantation involves three major strategies, direct Conversion, pilot Conversion, and phased Conversion. During operation and maintenance audits are performed to assess the system and determine it is working correctly. And maintenance is the upkeep of the system after it has been put in use, debugging, updating software, and general maintenance.
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