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Inbreeding occurs when an employee who is familiar

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Inbreeding occurs when an employee who is familiar with the organization continues to do things in the same old way; resulting in a lack of creative expression for corporate improvement. Companies can tap into the external labor market through a variety of electronic and other media, through referrals from employees and via employment agencies . Employment agencies are normally an excellent method of obtaining qualified candidates. They act as a central repository of information on individuals who are looking for new jobs. They also assist in the hiring process, such as applicant screening. Large companies increasingly are subcontracting work to small businesses through a process called outsourcing . The increased practice of outsourcing specialized work has allowed many large firms to downsize and work with smaller staffs Outsourcing , or subcontracting work to outside companies, is a common staffing strategy by companies that lack specialized resources internally. Although outsourcing might give a company increased flexibility and additional expertise, it can also result in a loss of control over the work and a greater dependence on suppliers. A virtual organization is a small, core organization that outsources major business functions. In structural terms, the virtual organization is highly centralized, with little or no departmentalization. Virtual organizations have created networks of relationships that allow them to contract out manufacturing, distribution, marketing, or any other business function where
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management feels others can do it better or cheaper. The major advantage of this structure is its flexibility. For instance, it allows someone with an innovative idea and little money to successfully compete against large companies like IBM. When there are labor shortages for a particular profession, then foreigners may be hired. If there are insufficient numbers of suitable candidates for a particular profession or post, then companies may seek to offer that job to a foreigner who is qualified. The contingent workforce describes freelancers, part-time workers and subcontractors who are usually hired by organizations to meet unexpected or short -term challenges. This is the term coined to describe these workers. They are also sometimes known as free agents. An increasingly used recruiting strategy is for companies to hire temporary employees to assess their on-the-job performance before hiring them permanently. It is estimated that over a quarter of all temporary employees hired remain on the job assignment for one year or more. Businesses often try to save money and increase their flexibility by building their workforce around part-time and temp employees. Selection describes the process of choosing qualified applicants to fill available job openings. Although the selection
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Inbreeding occurs when an employee who is familiar with the...

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