B Above average Performance of the student has been at a high level showing

B above average performance of the student has been

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degree of intellectual initiative. “B” – Above average. Performance of the student has been at a high level, showing consistent and effective achievement in meeting or exceeding course requirements. “C” – Satisfactory, achieving competency. Performance of the student has been at an acceptable level, meeting the requirements of the course. “D” – Passing but not earning program credit. Performance of the student has been less than adequate, meeting only the bare minimum course requirements. “E” - Failure. Performance of the student has been such that minimal course requirements have not been met. Course Policies Communication Look for the answer first. When questions arise during the course of this class, please remember to check these three sources for an answer before contacting your instructor: Course Syllabus Announcements in Canvas The Q & A Forum/Hallway Conversations Where to post your questions. If you cannot find an answer to your question, and it is a question of a general nature (such as clarification on an assignment, or where to find something in Canvas, for example) please post your question to the Q & A Forum Discussion Board (DB). This DB can display your questions and answers for the benefit of all students. Students can answer each other’s questions here, too. Your instructor will post answers on the Q & A Forum within 1 business day.
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