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unit 7 customer service discussion post to amanda

This not only enhances the companys image to

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observes business etiquette gives a strong sense of professionalism and efficiency. This not only enhances the company's image to outsiders but also helps other workers feel as though their office is a professional place to work. Receptionists represent their employers in a variety of ways. Answering phone calls and greeting visitors are two of the most common duties for receptionists, and both require proper etiquette. Company policy might require receptionists to use a predetermined telephone script when receiving calls and contacting different types of clients. In other cases, receptionists are allowed to use their own discretion in handling each interaction with a different, though appropriate, level of formality and professionalism. Individuals who work in the office sometimes pass on additional rules to a receptionist, such as when and how the receptionist may contact them. While some offices require receptionists to hold a high school or college degree , much of a receptionist's etiquette training occurs on the job. Receptionists might start out working in an office with a position that doesn't require interaction, such as a data entry job or an office assistant. An attention to company policies and how receptionists behave might qualify new
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