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Thesis Final Report (long)

You know how it goes if the customer gets to know

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‘You know how it goes, if the customer gets to know that he is from the same race; then loyalty develops…People with the same language are good as it is easy and hassle free, with them, to communicate’ (Retailer 7, interview, February 27, 2011). Psychographic Factors o Lifestyle : Kotler and Armstrong (2006) define lifestyle as a person’s whole pattern of acting and living in the world. Keeping this definition in mind, the researchers analyzed how people interact and act within an open air market. Every person has a different lifestyle or seeks to have a different lifestyle. For this purpose, understanding one’s own self is important. ‘We should know our need and know our own status’ (Respondent 40, interview, February 20, 2011). When asked if they would tell anyone about their bargaining skills at Sunday Bazaar, most respondents 35
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were reluctant in doing so. This was because they believed that shopping at Sunday bazaar was not something they would like to boast about as they would be embarrassed when people make fun of them. ‘If you wear a brand like NEXT, they will assume that your mother or some relative got it from abroad so you will stick to that instead of telling them that you got them second hand. Even if it does look second hand’ (Respondent 47, interview, February 20, 2011). However, a few respondents said that they would tell people as it was not something to hide but to feel proud of. One such respondent said, ‘Proudly, to such an extent that when I buy shoes from stone-age I boast around that I’ve bought them from Sunday bazaar. You know people wont copy you then because they will come to Sunday bazaar, look for those shoes, not find them and leave’ (Respondent 50, interview, February 20, 2011). In one of the observations, the researchers analyzed that many status conscious people from higher income bracket were concerned less about the prices being quoted by the retailer, due to which they did not bargain (Observation 6, observation, February 20, 2011). A lot of people visit Sunday market for the purpose of adventure and finding unique items. According to one retailer, ‘ You find very unique items here, at very affordable rates, and you get everything in this market so people come to buy something and end up buying a lot of other stuff as well’ (Retailer 11, interview, February 27, 2011). It was also noted that a lot of people felt a sense of achievement after bargaining for an item and buying it at the price they wanted. ‘It’s a good feeling because it makes us realize how these shopkeepers are making fools out of us by charging such a high price’ (Respondent 12, interview, February 6, 2011). For a few people bargaining is more of an experience. Even if a person gets a good bargain but finds the same item at lower price somewhere else, one respondent adds that ‘You will feel sad but at least it will be an experience for you’ (Respondent 55, interview, February 27, 2011).
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