What should be donenext A Lookat sscommon logs in Linux base B Within UCM look

What should be donenext a lookat sscommon logs in

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What should be donenext? A. Lookat ss_common logs in Linux base B. Within UCM, look at OAM logsunder toolsLogs C. With UCM look at Security Event logsunder toolslogs D. Look at cs_console logs in Linux base Answer: B Question No : 5 3
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Avaya 6005-1 : Practice Test A customer has deployeda communication server1000 Rls. 7.0 system at their site. Their sales department isexpanding and is askedthat the new telephone be addedwith the same capabilities as theexistingtelephones in the department Which programmingcommandshould be used to complete this task? A. Move to DN B. Move from TN C. Move from DN D. Copy from TN Answer: D Question No : 6 A technician is planningto implement a single IP telephony nodefor a Co-Resident Communication Server (CS) 1000E system at release7.0 Which component can be configuredwithin the node? A. Virtualtrunk Gateways, virtual loops, PersonalDirectory,IM and presence publisher. B. MSRN for MAS, SP Line Gateway, Personal directory C. IP Media services, SIP Line Gateway, Personal directory, SIP gateway D. SIP Line Gateway, TPS, Personal directory, AML link,voice gateway codes Answer: C Question No : 7 A customer with aCommunication Server (CS) 1000ERLS 505 with two IPMGs is upgradingtheir system to release 7.0.Theupgraded system will have two IP media gateways? Which two Statements are true regardingDSPresources for the IP media gateways in the Upgradedsystem? (Choose two) 4
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