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psych term paper

Great contributor to the class discussion chapter 6

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great contributor to the class discussion . Chapter 6 focuses on how we learn, which definitely came into play for me waking up early . For starters, my automatic pressing of the snooze button can be explained by the definition of learning, a permanent change in behavior that is brought about by experience . In other words, my past experiences with waking up to my alarm have taught me to continuously press snooze for extra time to sleep . I can explain this process with classical conditioning. In relation to the definition of classical conditioning, I associate the sound of my alarm with getting up which brings about my response to press the snooze button in order to sleep more . In this scenario, the neutral stimulus is the alarm, the unconditioned stimulus is waking up, and the unconditioned response is pressing snooze . After conditioning, my conditioned stimulus is the alarm and my conditioned response is pressing snooze . Thus, I end up habitually pressing snooze every time my alarm goes off . Although I had a lot of trouble waking up for my class, there were certain factors that relate to the psychology of learning that encouraged me to get up and go . The concept of punishment was a major influence on my decision to get myself out of bed . My class only allowed a certain number of absences and if I were to go over this amount my grade would be
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lowered . This effect that my actions have on my grades decreased my probability of sleeping through the class . Another concept that I made use of on these early mornings was a positive reinforcer . I would reward myself for going to class by getting myself a coffee. This positive reinforcer encouraged my behavior of getting up . In Chapter 4 we learned about sensation and perception, two key concepts that influence waking up in the morning as well . Sensation is defined as the activation of sense organs by a source of physical energy . In which case, this sensation could be of my roommate poking or shaking me awake . This sensation could also be the sunlight on my face, waking me and making
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great contributor to the class discussion Chapter 6 focuses...

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