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Final Study Guide 380

47 quality assurance qas system in an sap system

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47. Quality Assurance (QAS) system In an SAP system landscape, one of three separate SAP systems; the system where testing is done. 48. scope creep The unplanned expansion of a project’s goals and objectives, causing the project to go over time and over budget, as well as increasing the risk of an unsuccessful implementation. 49. Transport directory In an SAP system landscape, a special data file location on the DEV server that stores changes to the system landscape. 50. Value added An increase in a product’s or service’s value, from a customer’s perspective. 51. Value analysis An analysis of each activity in a process to determine the value the activity adds to the product or service. 52. Workflow tasks Within the SAP ERP Workflow module, email messages that can include basic information, notes, and documents, as well as direct links to business transactions. 53. workflow tools Software programs that automate the execution of a business process Chapter 8 RFID, Business Intelligence (BI), Mobile and Cloud Key Terms 54. Business intelligence (BI) also referred to as business analytics , is a term used to describe a range of different applications and technologies used to extract and analyze large amounts of data to aid in decision making. 55. Cloud computing The delivery of a software product to a user via the Internet. 56. Enterprise information management The business and technology functions that manage information as a corporate asset. 57. Multidimensional data cubes The structure of data in a data warehouse that allows for radio frequency identification (RFID) a tracking technology that uses a small package device, or tag, that includes a microprocessor and antenna that can be attached to products. The location of an item with an RFID tag can be determined using an RFID reader, which emits radio waves and receives signals back from the tag.
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58. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) Software that enables systems to exchange data without complicated software links, also called Web services. 59. Software as a service (SaaS) A software delivery model in which a software product is hosted by a company on its servers and is accessed by customers via a Web browser. 60. Web services A combination of software tools that enables various programs within an organization to communicate with other applications.
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47 Quality Assurance QAS system In an SAP system landscape...

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