For each issue identified critically discuss the most appropriate topics

For each issue identified critically discuss the most

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contexts and how improvements are usually attainable. For each issue identified, critically discuss the most appropriate topics, techniques, methods, models and tools available that you would have possibly identified within the lectures and textbooks recommended in the first lecture (you can even use other operations management topics in these books that you might find relevant). You must clearly show why you selected any of these topics in the first place and in light of the case study, provide a detailed justification for the techniques, methods… etc. that you’ve chosen. Based on what you presented in the previous points, you are required to critically evaluate and analyse different alternatives pertinent to each issue identified. I expect you to use both quantitative and qualitative evaluations, show any improvement that you might achieve, use appropriate illustrations, charts, and tables. Reflect your findings in the light of how XYZ are currently handling their operations and in light of their expected increase in market share. Report Structure and Layout You need to follow a report format The following main sections must be included in your report. Number of words in each section is a guide only; however, the report must be a range of (6000 ± 10% words) words. Cover Page: Student Name, Student Number, and the word count. Executive Summary. Key issues identified [2000-2500 words].
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