It is also important to have a marketing manager

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It is also important to have a marketing manager , because it cannot be stressed enough that marketing, to be successful, must be a continuing process. Institutions, employees, patients are changing and they need constant monitoring. Marketing Programs in Healthcare 1. Product Strategy For hospitals, the product meaning the healthcare service - is an intangible combination of hospital service offerings, staffing precision and revenue, doctor's reputation, social offerings and the ‘quality’ of patient life like the quality of the services offered. Each and every healthcare institution is offering a unique product. A hospital product is so complex and it is difficult to define. Also the hospital must look to the careful hiring of good management, medical staff for the preservation of the hospital integrity. Part of the product is most obviously the program services at a particular institution or healthcare organization. Healthcare institutions are also facing demands to increase research activities especially to the Hospital in the Unites States or European Community. Each institution will have to go through a process of redefinition to determine its best service, and then it will proceed with marketing that product to its most receptive, specific audience. Ideas for adding new programs will surely have arisen during the analysis of the patients market. Product may include: subscription programs related to living conditions , both in the community and on the hospital venue; recreation etc there can even be created pre hospital services or “polyclinic” services. Other product/service considerations are the personnel, including doctors, nurses, management staff and even the patient themselves; the hospital, the buildings, the equipment and the facility; and the activities being pursued such as recreation one or “recovery programs”. 2. Distribution Strategy For most hospitals, the location is fixed, in neighborhoods for the Private Practice but a few have explored the possibility of other types of services, including “emergency” or “polyclinic” services covering different geographic areas of the cities. Also in the European Union there is a direct direction between the numbers of citizens and number of beds of Public Hospital/Clinics. Also in some European countries managers will in some cases, discover that renting space for polyclinic services outside the hospital might be considerably cheaper than providing additional service on the hospital venue. 3. Pricing Policy 105