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Jeopardy 2 Answers

Abnormal from the clinicians desk 40pts whereas

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Abnormal (From the Clinician’s Desk 40pts) Whereas lifetime prevalence is a term referring to the occurrence of a disorder at any point within a person’s life, ____ is a term referring to a new occurrence of a disorder. Incidence
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(From the Clinician’s Desk 60pts) This is the axis of the DSM-IV that pertains to global assessment of functioning. Axis V (From the Clinician’s Desk 80pts) This is the axis of the DSM-IV that pertains to general medical conditions. Axis III (From the Clinician’s Desk 100pts) These are the most common disorders of the substance use disorders, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders. Alcohol abuse, social phobia, and depression DIAGNOSTICS 101 CLUES Answer Comments (Diagnostics 101 20pts) This anxiety disorder is characterized by persistent, unwanted, and unshakable thoughts and/or irresistible, habitual repeated actions. Obsessive- compulsive disorder (Diagnostics 101 40pts) This anxiety disorder refers to a persistent fear of negative evaluation by others. Social phobia (Diagnostics 101 60pts) This is a mood disorder characterized by intermittent episodes of both depression and mania. Bipolar (Diagnostics 101 80pts) This refers to a type of somatoform disorder characterized by multiple and recurrent physical symptoms that have no physical cause. Somatization disorder (Diagnostics 101 100pts) This refers to a class of severe and disabling mental disorders that are characterized by extreme disruptions of perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Includes five main subtypes. Psychotic disorders (Schizophrenia) WHAT’S YOUR PRESCRIPTION? CLUES Answer Comments (What’s your prescription? 20pts) This class of drugs is commonly prescribed for patients with schizophrenia. Antipsychotics (What’s your prescription? 40pts) This class of drugs is commonly prescribed to patients with mood disturbances. Antidepressants (What’s your prescription? 60pts) This is the group of healthcare professionals who traditionally prescribe medication for patients with psychological disorders. Psychiatrists (What’s your prescription? 80pts) Switching between vivid imagination and progressive muscle relaxation is used in what behavioral treatment? Systematic desensitization (What’s your prescription? 100pts) Operant Behavioral Therapies believe that maladaptive behavior has been learned and maintained by a history of what two principles? Reinforcement and punishment
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Abnormal From the Clinicians Desk 40pts Whereas lifetime...

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