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Kien Huynh annotated bibliography

She explains that violent video games are popular

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of this is the true cause. She explains that violent video games are popular among today society and each game consist of thousands of active players, and of the thousands few have commit any violent act, too little to statistically determined video games cause. She points out that the main reason for why we blame such acts on video game is due to “cultural lag.” Bezio define cultural lag as something that “causes us to be hesitant in adopting new technologies, trying new fads, and changing our social mores.” And something “ We look back at our past with rose-colored glasses and look forward into the future with trepidation.” Essentially we view our past as being a thing of innocent and fail to recognize anything new to be of a nuisance. Bezio raises the point that before video games, certain music caused problems, before music was movies, and before movies, books caused deviant behaviors. Bezio also argues that while video games may very well reflect these action, they don’t cause it, in which she closed by saying virtual violence don’t cause violence, real life violence caused violence. Kristin Bezio’s argument was very helpful because it prove on many occasion that video games do not cause violence. Her argument was very persuasive and provided much great evidence that may prove very useful for the upcoming research paper. Compare to the other sources, this source a more scientific and psychological approach. Bezio argument was in a sense, objective. For the most part she informed the reader of the true notion behind why people blamed video game as the main caused. She never included any of her opinion or though and stayed strictly with her facts and statistics and in the end intend to persuade her readers.
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This source was extremely useful because it introduces the psychological and sociological perspective of the argument. This article allows me to integrate the sociological aspect of video games into my research paper. My main use for this article will to be used as evidence for the argument. Also Bezio’s point on the cultural lag was an excellent and profound point and I believe including that particular point will make my paper more interesting and appealing. Bezio’s article did not change how I think on my research. I had always believe that video games are not the main cause of violence, I am a prime example therefore this argument further push me towards the argument for the positive sides of video games. Markman, Art. "Video games can teach positive lessons, too.” Psychology Today. Psychology Today: Health, Help, Happiness + Find a Therapist . N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Apr. 2013. In this article, author Markman Art attempts to review a study conducted on the association between action video games and positive behaviors. Art review a recent study where participants were require to play one action video game and one neutral video game. The action video game however depicts no intense violence or any negative references. This action game was known as City Crisis where players take control of helicopter and rescue civilian and fight off criminals. The neutral game was Tetris, a puzzle game where players try to line up blocks that match each other and earn points. While the participant plays the game while a female
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She explains that violent video games are popular among...

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