BLS weights college tuition and fees at 1807 of the total expenditures

Bls weights college tuition and fees at 1807 of the

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BLS weights college tuition and fees at 1.807% of the total expenditures. Inflation volatility has a painful effect on lower income households, those on fixed incomes, those with higher ratios of tuition, transportation or medical costs, and all households whose discretionary spending is more dream than reality. Inflation and Your Household: 100,000 Bolivars or about $152 A Bank Robbery? Nope, Just buying coffee and groceries in Caracas: Notes from articles Lesson 6 Page 39
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100,000 Bolivars or about $152 Lead to Venezuela importing most of its products except for oil which was sold at high prices Government began instituting price controls under former president Hugo Chaves -> disincentives to produce item in Venezuela Printing a lot more money to pay the salaries of government workers -> money is worth less -> inflation increases Government has to buy everything in dollars. 6.3 bolivars to the dollar Riskier you are the higher your interest rate; less risky -> lower interest rate Interest rates are the price we pay to borrow money Interest was banned by 1200 for many medieval civilizations By 1600: the Dutch dropped their ban against interest rates and created the first modern lending system to break away from Spain Credit cards allow for access to many things people don’t think they can afford Amount of money charged on a particular kind of loan that most people never know exists. (overnight loans between banks) The Fed's main power is deciding the Fed Funds Rate and that’s the base interest rate in our whole economy #5 Interest Rates: Lesson 6 Page 40
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