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psych term paper

This sensation could also be the sunlight on my face

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. This sensation could also be the sunlight on my face, waking me and making me more alert . The other terms that relate to my sensory during my morning routine are those incorporated with my sight and hearing . For example, my rods, the cylindrical receptor cells in my retinas, are highly sensitive to light, thus recognized the sunlight coming through my window . Next, my retina converts electromagnetic energy of the sunlight to electrical impulses for transmission to my brain, alerting my body to wake up . This sensation from the retina is carried to the brain by my optic nerve, completing the visual process . My hearing of the alarm is a major factor to my wakefulness as well . With consideration to the definition of sound, the sound of my alarm sends vibrations to my eardrum . The place theory of hearing can explain how I heard the beeping because of the fact that the part of the basilar membrane nearest to the oval window detects high-frequency sounds . The other concept that I certainly use when I wake up is top-down processing . I use this idea to figure where the “snooze” button on my phone is in comparison to the close by “dismiss” . I have learned and now know from experience that I simply press the center button on my phone as opposed to pressing
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the down button once and then the center . This is a small difference in buttons, yet has a major consequential result . Unfortunately, my phone makes it one step easier to press snooze and go back to sleep . Therefore, I often am involuntarily going back to bed with no preparation to wake up anytime soon . The final chapter that I can relate to my problem of waking up early is Chapter 10, which teaches us about motivation and emotion . The incentive approach to motivation helps explain how my motivation to go to class stems from my desire to obtain my valued external goal and incentive to do well in school . I also could be acting towards my self-actualization by waking up and going to class . I recognize my full potential and strive to achieve self-fulfillment which would require me getting up on time
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This sensation could also be the sunlight on my face waking...

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