Derivative the mass industrialized culture is so bad

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Unformatted text preview: Derivative: the mass industrialized culture is so bad because they stole the ideas from good Culture (culture worthy of being seen) and taken it to become something trivial (Frankenstein v Munsters v FrankenBerry cereal - - become a lesser cultural product); gnomeo and juliet is a ripoff/derivative of real culture 3. Formulaic: formulas repeated time and time again; TV producers use formulaic plots and just reform it over and over again; mass culture is “here today and gone tomorrow”; how lasting is certain popular culture today? Justin Beiber and Real Housewives? 4. Ephemeral 5. Follows rather than leads public taste 6. Drives out “fine” out: mass culture is qualities and characteristics are bad; drives out and pushes out good Culture (written by a good author that challenges our thinking) • Allan Bloom: rock music ruins the young peoples relationship with art; rock addiction is similar to addiction to judge and listening to a walkman blocks them from traditions and when they take it off they are deaf o Because young people listen to crappy music they miss the long tradition of past cultural products worth understanding o Mass culture undermines the cultural authority, tradition, traditional standards and values • A Hierarchy of Taste: the more sophisticated, timeless, challenging, and original the product is the better it is B. “ Liberal” versions (ex: Neil Postman, Robert Putnam, The Simpsons clip): huge problems with mass culture; “liberal” used to refer to a political philosophy; importance of public debate, educated population so the society is able to function well • Intelligent conversation and debate: gets overwhelmed by the glut of mass culture • Neil Postman: under the printing press people are more educated and participating in civic debate and because of television our culture has become absurd and irrational • Robert D. Putnam: dramatic decline in civic participation (lack of contacting government and building relationships); suburbanization means lack of time to participate in community and television took the time from people from volunteering and participating in community o what is television and media keeping us from doing? • Simpsons Clip: kids turn off the TV and find that playing outside is actually more enjoyable; classical music playing in the background; doing classic kid games; no one was at the taping of Krusty o Patronized going outside o Showcases proper and good behavior and using imagination C. Other critiques (ex: environmentalist: Sut Jhally) • Radical Critiques: • Environmentalist Critique: believe mass culture blocks social change by seducing people with the pleasures of sports, music, and TV •...
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Derivative the mass industrialized culture is so bad...

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