MAR 3326 Syllabus 2013 Sumer C

Phase iv media plan see the menu item due dates for

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Phase IV: Media Plan. See the menu item “Due Dates” for the date and time deadline (Graded individual or collaborative team assignment of only 2 members worth 60 points) Finding Assignments and Exercises See Exhibit 1 to identify the Blackboard Location for Assignments and Exercises. Exhibit 1: Blackboard Locations for Assignments and Exercises Module/Learning Unit Assignments and Exercises Orientation—Start Here Agency Discussion Board Article Wiki Orientation Quiz Learning Unit 1: Situation Analysis Campaign Quiz Macro Discussion Board Campaign Assignment—Phase I: Situation Analysis Learning Unit 2: Strategic Campaign Planning Desired Effects Exercise Broad goals Exercise Campaign Assignment—Phase II: Strategic Campaign Planning Learning Unit 3: Message Strategy and Creative Component Copywriting Exercise Creative Ad Exercise Campaign Assignment—Phase III: Message Strategy and Creative Component Learning Unit 4: Media Plan Campaign Assignment—Phase IV: Media Plan Grading Rubrics Grading rubrics are found either within the Blackboard assignment/exercise or toward the end of each phase of the Campaign Assignment. You are encouraged to review each grading rubric as a means of self-assessing and refining your responses to an assignment. Grades, Feedback, and Feedback Timeframes Grades on quizzes are automatically posted on My Grades, found on the Blackboard menu, immediately after a quiz has been completed. For short written assignments of less than 750 words, see the relevant grading rubric found on My Grades for feedback. In addition to grades posted on My Grades, substantive feedback on each of the Campaign Assignment’s four phases will be sent to you as an email attachment. The attached feedback file will include comments within the report and assessments found in the accompanying grading rubric. Every effort will be made to post, on the grade center (My Grades), scores 6
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on written assignments within two weeks of submission. Final grades will be available before the deadline to post final grades which is typically less than five days after the official end of the semester. 7
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Grading Scale The minimum percentages needed to obtain each grade level are: A= 92%, A- = 90%, B+ = 88%, B = 82%, B- = 80%, C+ = 78%, C = 72%, C- = 70%, D+ = 68%, D = 62%, D- = 60%, and F = below 60%, excessive absence, and/or failure to observe other class policies. Course Evaluation Method Grades are derived using the following formula: Points : % of Grade : Agency Discussion Board 10 points 2.5% Orientation quiz 20 points 5.0% Article Wiki 20 points 5.0% Campaign Quiz 10 points 2.5% Macro Discussion Board 20 points 5.0% Campaign Assignment Phase I: Situation Analysis 60 points 15.0% Desired Effects Exercise 20 points 5.0% Broad Goals Exercise 10 points 2.5% Campaign Assignment Phase II: Strategic Campaign Planning 60 points 15.0% Copywriting exercise 20 points 5.0% Creative ad exercise 30 points 7.5% Campaign Assignment Phase III: Message Strategy and Creative Component
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Phase IV Media Plan See the menu item Due Dates for the...

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