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During the assessment process there may be a cultural

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strengths of individuals, agencies, and businesses within the community. During the assessment process, there may be a cultural or linguistic barrier. To overcome this barrier, the moderator should also be sensitive to cultural or linguistic barriers that may inhibit some participants [6]. References: 1. Marshall JG. A review of health sciences library outreach and evaluation. Seattle, WA: National Network of Libraries of Medicine/Pacific Northwest Region Web site. http://www.nnlm.nlm.nih.gov/pnr/eval/marshall.html, 1997. 2. Dignan MB, Carr PA. Program planning for health education and promotion. Philadelphia: 3. Wrangell Medical Center Community Health Needs Assessment: Denny De Gross, Beth Landon, Jenny Loudon , December 2011 4. Cassel JC. Community diagnosis. In: Omran AR, ed. Community Medicine in Developing Countries. New York: Springer Publishing, 1974:18. 5. Anderson JG, et a. Evaluating health care information systems: methods and applications.Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 1994. 6. http://www.ncrel.org/sdrs/areas/issues/envrnmnt/css/ppt/chap2.htm
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