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There are many advantages to implementing an erp

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There are many advantages to implementing an ERP system within a business, such as complete visibility of the operations within a business, or accurate tracking of e-commerce transactions (Rajesh, 2011). However, there are a number of obstacles that can arise for all business when it comes to ERP systems. For many companies, the cost of implementing an ERP system outweighs the benefits it might provide. Necessary steps in successfully installing a complex system such as ERP requires the purchase of the software, planning of the structural framework of the system, customization, preliminary installations, testing of the system, and reconfiguration of all glitches and bugs that are found. Along with the cost, is the time it would take to implement that system. The overall cost benefit to this system is only worthwhile to larger organizations. Another obstacle that many companies come across when an ERP system is in place is the inflexibility of the systems when the needs of a business changes (Scarpati, 2011). Paul Marry, CEO of Intact Software stated that medium sized businesses such as his own were unable
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Group Project 4 3 to make changes according to the needs of the business. He also explained that some of the processes that the business was familiar with had to be changed to accommodate the software being used. Finally, because of the lack of flexibility and compromise, the ERP projects would eventually fail because the software and the business procedures were unable to sync together.
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