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If their weapon is sex then they are deadly with it

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using what the gods gave them to their advantage. If their weapon is sex, then they are deadly with it. They know exactly how to wield it to extract their demands. They are embracing being women and the power they do have as women. At the same time, this is the only way the women can see to change anything. They still have to act as women to get anything done. They cannot take on a men's role and charge into war or go as a diplomat and smooth things over in a court. They are still powerless in that regard. And once the war is over and peace is returned, they will go back to being subservient to their husbands and male rulers. Their fleeting victory will be over along with the desperate measures they took to achieve it. Along with this, the women seem to have trouble going along with this plan and require Lysistrata to keep them in line. Lysistrata herself is a complex character. She is a woman of her times and is a wife and a homemaker. But, at the same time, she does not seem to be very feminine. She is the one who
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formulates the plan in the first place, when other women would not step up. She seems to have no problem withholding sex from her husband, who is curiously never mentioned, though all the other women waver. When she first greets Lampito, she sizes her up like a man chasing his conquest. She compliments her skin and her strength and her breasts. And, because of the acting styles of the times, we can only assume there was a lot of touching involved. This does not seem to be very womanly behavior. As someone who is the leader of all these women on a quest to return their husbands home using very womanly methods, she does not she acts more like the general of an army keeping his
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If their weapon is sex then they are deadly with it They...

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